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A psychological consultation is recommended as an addition to a medical visit. Some hearing and speech problems have psychological basis, although we are not always aware of it. In order to meet the needs of patients, the Centre of Hearing and Speech Medincus offers comprehensive psychological care.

We offer psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance for children and adults:

– consultations for parents and caregivers of people with hearing and speech disorders,

– psychological counselling,

– stress management training,

– assistance in crisis situations.

Most of all we are focused on helping children with communication disorders, including hearing and speech disorders. We are experienced in diagnostics and therapy of communication difficulties of various etiologies – SLI (Specific Language Impairtment), pervasive developmental disorders (autism, Asperger’s syndrome), emotionally- based communication disorders (social anxiety, selective mutism), developmental disorders of scholastic skills (difficulties in learning how to read and write, arithmetic), intellectual disabilities.

We also help the children and youth (+ their families) in the diagnotics and treatment of the other developmental disorders and difficulties, including:

– ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder),

– behavioral disorders,

– tic-related disorders,

– mood disorders (depression),

– anxiety disorders and other emotional disorders.

We diagnose mental and behavioral disorders of children, youth and adults, in particular: diagnostics of developmental disorders of children with hearing impairment (psychomotor development disorders, disharmony of cognitive development, social- emotional development disorders), diagnostics and therapy of central auditory processing disorders.

We diagnose and rehabilitate children with sensory integration disorders (Clinical Observation Test and Southern California Tests), speech (stuttering, delayed speech development, speech impendiments) and voice (e.g. childhood hoarseness as a result of overuse of the voice by a child), auditory hypersensitivity, behavioral disorders, concentration and attention disorders (including auditory attention), hyperactivity, specific school difficulties, dyslexia, we do support coping with stress.

We offer a complete assessment of school readiness (intellect + cognition); psychological diagnosis of a small child (up to 3 years); logopedic and neurologopedic diagnosis and therapy.

We diagnose the intellectual level, the efficiency of analysers, personality and the emotional motor sphere of the children.

We define the profile of laterality (functional asymmetry of the right and left side of the human body) – including the auditory one, and we conduct therapy of its disorders.

We perform the therapy of psychogenic hearing and speech disorders.

We provide psychological help to children, adolescents and adults (including their families) who use implants, hearing aids, and to people with tinnitus.

We take part in fitting of the cochlear implant system – telerehabilitation.

We provide psychomotor therapy.

We provide individual cognitive therapy for children and adolescents.

We provide group psychotherapy for children and adolescents (social skills training, aggression replacement training, stress management training).

We provide the workshops for parents (School for Parents and Teachers, workshops for parents of children with ADHD).

In several of our locations we perform:

– School Relations Test,

– Attention Tests,

– The fluid intelligence tests for children,

– Family relationship tests.

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