The Senses Examination Platform is a mobile device designed to perform screening tests of hearing, vision and speech, as well as hearing and voice rehabilitation in children (including children with special educational needs), teenagers and adults. The device consists of:

  • audiometric adapter,
  • audiometric headphones,
  • patient button.


The device is based on an advanced information system and contains various screening tests that allow to detect a range of hearing, vision and speech disorders. When undetected at an early stage, these disorders may disrupt harmonic development of a child and hence cause difficulties in the learning process and in contacts with peers. A simple

and easy-to-use interface of the device allows to conduct efficient testing. The latest system program has many functions that allow not only to conduct tests but also rehabilitation of patients. The platform allows to collect data obtained from epidemiological questionnaires and send the results to the central system via the Internet. Test results are automatically evaluated and qualified, and those that do not meet certain criteria can be sent to specialists for further evaluation.


The Senses Examination Platform enables:

  • to assess if a child is physiologically ready to start reading, writing and communicating at school,
  • to implement therapy at an early stage,
  • to prepare the staff of educational institutions (psychological and pedagogical counseling centers, schools and kindergartens),
  • to prepare medical institutions to implement on a mass scale the possibility of early and effective detection of sensory organs defects,
  • to prepare parents to participate in education and therapy process,
  • to create universal prevention programs at local and regional level.


The Platform consists of several basic modules:


The test allows to perform audiometric examination that checks the patient’s air conduction hearing within the frequency range of 250 up to 8,000 Hz, for hearing loss not more than 80 dB HL.

DDT – Dichotic Digit Test

This tests detects CAPD. During the test pairs of digits are presented simultaneously to each, right and left, ear. The task of the patient is to repeat the numbers heard in one or both ears.

GDT – Gap Detection Test

The test allows to assess the potential gap perception in noise. The patient is required to press the button every time they hear a gap. During the test the noise is presented with constantly emerging gaps of various lengths.

Pure-tone screening test

This test allows to assess the ability to hear tones at frequencies 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz at a volume level of 20 to 60 dB HL. During the test each frequency in both ears is evaluated in turn. The test result shows if the patient passes the test at each tested frequency.




  • possibility of quick examination
  • possibility to conduct multiple screening tests (hearing, vision and speech) on one mobile device
  • collection of test results questionnaire data in the central database
  • rehabilitation clinic module
  • central system for automatic program and test updating
  • the innovation of the Senses Examination Platform on the international scale emphasizes the awards and distinctions received on many prestigious international exhibitions of innovation.


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