The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS is a network of medical facilities providing highly specialized services in the field of otorhinolaryngology, audiology, phoniatrics, rehabilitation, speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and biomedical engineering.

Our services include:

  • diagnostic tests,
  • treatment and rehabilitation of hearing, voice, speech and balance disorders as well as respiratory disorders,
  • hearing devices selection and hearing aid sales,
  • ENT surgeries and hospitalization (otorhinolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics),
  • diagnostics before hearing implantation and hearing implants surgeries.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and professional medical care at the highest level, while maintaining care for the individual needs and expectations of our patients. For the sake of our patients health, we are constantly improving the quality of our services to maintain a high standard of medical services.

Comprehensive care for patients with hearing and speech problems is provided in 15 facilities of the Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS throughout Poland:

  • 2 in Warsaw,
  • Szczecin,
  • Katowice,
  • Rzeszów,
  • Olsztyn,
  • Gdańsk,
  • Opole,
  • Kajetany (Hospital and Outpatient Clinic),
  • Kraków,
  • Radom,
  • Ciechocinek,
  • Częstochowa,
  • Konin,
  • Toruń,

and 7 centers abroad.

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS performs over 2,500 treatments and 150,000 consultations and tests annually. Over a million patients have benefited from various forms of our assistance so far.

Closer to patients

The first facility of MEDINCUS was opened in Warsaw. In the following years, we opened our facilities in Szczecin, Katowice, Rzeszów, Olsztyn, Gdańsk and Opole. In order to be closer to patients, we launched the Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS with a hospital in Kajetany. In 2014 the Voice Center for Professionals MEDINCUS in Warsaw also joined the facility network. The facilities in Kraków and Radom were opened in 2015, and the one in Ciechocinek was opened in the first half of 2018.

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS also develops its activity on foreign markets. To be closer to our patients, facilities were opened in Ukraine – in Odessa, Lutsk, Kiev (opening in 2020); in Kyrgyzstan – in Bishkek and Osh; in Kazakhstan in Shymkent, and in Belarus – Representative office in Brest (temporarily closed). 

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS helps patients to start and continue treatment and rehabilitation with the usage of modern telemedicine solutions. Patients do not have to travel to remote specialist facilities, the Center enables diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation via internet connection and direct teleconsultations with specialists from cooperating centers (telediagnostics, telefitting, telerehabilitation).

Safe and modern

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS provides services in the field of the latest solutions used in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients. A wide range of consultations for patients with hearing and speech problems takes place in modern doctors’ rooms equipped with automatic ENT workstations, equipment to perform hearing screening tests in newborns and infants, VNG, ENG, VHIT and VEMP systems for balance disorders diagnostics with water and air calorimeters, as well as videostroboscopes with software for digital recording and archiving of medical images with a patient database and “audiometric rooms” enabling to perform a series of comprehensive hearing tests. Our offer also includes inhalations of the upper respiratory tract, including AMSA inhalations.

The facilities also have specialized rooms for speech and psychological therapy and rehabilitation of children and adults with hearing, voice and speech disorders (including telerehabilitation). We also offer the possibility of rehabilitation of people with hearing aids and hearing implants, as well as patients with tinnitus.

In addition, thanks to the possibility of direct teleconsultations (via the Internet connection) with specialists from cooperating centers, it is possible to determine further treatment process and fit speech processors (telediagnostics, telefitting, telerehabilitation). This eliminates the need for patients to travel from their places of residence to remote facilities.

In domestic and foreign facilities we provide innovative and highly specialized services that are not available in other centers, including unique therapy of central auditory processing disorders using the Skarzynski method, with the help of an innovative device developed with the participation of our specialists – the Stimulator of the Polymodal Sensory Perception by Skarzynski (SPPS-S).

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS has been involved in creating innovative solutions and products for many years, and then successfully implements and applies them in practice. As a consortium leader, partner or participant, we participate in many projects. The most important projects are: “The development of the Polymodal Sensory Perception Stimulator”, “The preparation of a service export development plan for company development in foreign markets”, “Significant improvement of the Senses Examination Platform”, “Implementation of the CRM system with a telecommunications system for the needs of the Center of Hearing and Speech “and” Integrated system of tools for diagnostics and telerehabilitation of sensory organs (hearing, vision, speech, balance, taste, smell)”.

Health and social campaigns

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS is involved in social activities and charity campaigns and encourages its employees to participate. The Medincus team conducts preventive examinations, takes part in social and charity actions, organizes various events for children (e.g. picnics, music and sensory art classes) and adults (e.g. educational and practical workshops for parents).

We organize free medical tests, hearing screening tests and speech therapy consultations, central auditory processing disorder tests not only in our facilities, but also in schools and kindergartens in Poland and abroad. Every year we celebrate World Voice Day and the European Day of Speech and Language Therapy by organizing workshops, trainings and hearing screening tests.

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS participates in activities organized by other entities. For example we are engaged in indoor rowing competitions, organized by Warsaw Rowing Association.


From the very beginning the mission of the Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS has also included educational activities: specialized courses, training sessions, conferences, workshops, lectures, cooperation with universities, as well as direct cooperation with students (enabling internships or apprenticeships).

Our employees actively participate in national and international conferences, fairs, seminars and meetings devoted to the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of ear, nose, throat, larynx and balance disorders, not only as experts, exhibitors, participants but also as organizers or co-organizers.

The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS shares specialist knowledge and information on innovative devices and solutions, encourages its employees to improve their competences, both personal and specialist, promotes good practices in the profession of a doctor, hearing care professional or speech therapist. Every year, all employees take part in internal training organized by the company.

Cooperation with major academic and research centers enables us to obtain external capital for initiating and developing innovative projects. This means that not only in theory, but primarily in practice, the Center uses the possibility of effective transfer of knowledge from the world of science to business, which is still rare in Poland.

Quality and satisfaction

An interdisciplinary team of specialist doctors and therapists as well as modern diagnostic equipment guarantee high quality medical services in the field of otolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics.

At the Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS patients’ problems are solved every day, and thus their quality of life is improved. Positive feedback and a constantly growing group of patients interested in the services of our facilities prove that we do our work reliably and professionally. Working in a difficult and demanding industry, which is healthcare, is a great responsibility and challenge, but it also gives us a great sense of satisfaction.

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