From the beginning, the special mission of The Hearing and Speech Center MEDINCUS was associated with the opportunities and aspirations in hearing loss recommendations and helping all patients in need.

The clinical program includes extensive cooperation with many research centers regarding optimization of costs and effects of therapy in relation to such problems as: deafness and profound hearing loss, speech disorders, voice disorders, tinnitus, dizziness and balance disorders, possibilities of reconstructive surgery in treatment of birth defects and acquired ear diseases.

At The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS, otolaryngologists, audiologists, phoniatrists, speech therapists, surgeo-speech therapists, psychologists, clinical engineers and technicians perform over 2,500 procedures a year and provide and conduct 140,000 consultations and research in the fields of otolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics. So far, over a million patients have benefited from various forms of our assistance.

What makes us stand out:

  • the highest standard of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the ears, nose, throat and larynx,
  • complex offer,
  • professionalism, reliability, efficiency, innovation,
  • experienced staff,
  • quality and safety – we pay special attention to the high quality of all services offered to our patients.
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