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Auditory rehabilitation after hearing implant surgery is a long-term process. All this time the patient is under the supervision of an interdisciplinary team of specialists of The Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus, such as psychologists, pedagogues, speech therapists and clinical engineers. The supervision includes: assistance of specialists within medical rehabilitation, speech processor fittings and monitoring of the implant parameters.

The therapeutic process consists of several stages. The first stage is initial fitting of the speech processor. One month after the initial fitting the patient comes to a follow-up consultation. Subsequent consultations are planned individually by the clinical engineer. During these consultations stimulation parameters are changed according to the potential of the auditory nerve and levels of the auditory pathway.

Speech processor fitting

Based on the results of examinations (telemetry, auditory nerve action potential, cross-checking, determining volume increase function) the clinical engineer fits the processor. Using a computer connected to the processor the engineer programs the internal memory of the processor so that it replaces environmental sounds with electrical impulses that will be perfectly matched to the auditory nerve and auditory pathway potential. The fitting process of each patient is individual.

It is very important that the processor is fitted by a specialist with extensive experience who (based on the examination results analysis) can evaluate the performance of auditory analyzer during electrical stimulation. During such an assessment a specialist can also determine a small percentage of patients who for various reasons have poor auditory rehabilitation. At each stage we adhere to the so-called red flag system. If there is a suspicion of any deviation from the norm we pay special attention to such a patient. we refer them to additional examinations, e.g. CT, which allows us to evaluate the position of the cochlear implant electrode array in the inner ear.

Telefitting – remote fitting of speech processors

Telefitting – remote fitting of cochlear implant systems – allows us to extend the treatment options for patients with hearing impairments.

Telefitting allows patients who were implanted in our Clinic in Kajetany or other clinics to undergo a remote auditory rehabilitation.

Thanks to the telefitting system remote consultations do not differ from onsite consultations, except that the patient and the doctor see each other on the screen. Using the best time-tested remote methods of fitting and rehabilitation gives certain benefits – saving time and money for patients, as well as a better time management for medical staff.

Telefitting is safe, reliable and is fully accepted by both patients and specialists. The parameters of electrical stimulation obtained during telefitting do not differ from the parameters obtained during traditional fitting with the patient’s presence. Due to this system the doctor receives a new and very effective tool that allows them to control what has already been done for the treatment and further rehabilitation of the patient.

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