Diagnostics of the organ of hearingDiagnostics of speech organ

We perform diagnostics of the hearing organ in patients of all ages – in children (including infants), adults and the elderly.

We diagnose ear diseases (inflammatory and non-inflammatory, congenital defects), hearing disorders (hearing loss, tinnitus, auditory hypersensitivity, central auditory processing disorders) and balance disorders.

Hearing tests:

  • pure tone audiometry,
  • free field pure tone audiometry,
  • speech audiometry,
  • free field speech audiometry,
  • impedance audiometry: tympanometry+stapedial reflexes,
  • otoacoustic emission – TEOAE, DPOAE,
  • auditory brainstem response test (ABR/BERA) – ABR thresholds (day and evening tests), ABR latency,
  • screening tests in infants,
  • tinnitus diagnostics – tinnitus characteristics, MML,
  • eustachian tube function – TDT,
  • SISI test,
  • frequency pattern test (FPT), duration pattern test (DPT), dichotic digit test (DDT).

Ear examination:

  • videootoskopia, videomikroskopia,
  • mikrootoskopia.

How to prepare a child for an ABR test:

  • a child should be healthy without any signs of upper respiratory tract infection, cough, runny nose, fever.
  • a child should be tired and sleepy before the examination.
  • during the examination a child stays in a quiet room with a parent or guardian. Before the examination it is recommended to give the child baby milk to calm the child down and make them fall asleep.
  • ABR examination is done while the child is sleeping naturally. Before the examination the technician places 4 electrodes on the child’s head.
  • the examination lasts about an hour, it is completely safe and painless.

We provide diagnostics of voice and speech disorders in various pathological conditions of the nose, throat and larynx (inflammatory and non-inflammatory) and of peripheral or central basis (speech delay, speech disorders, aphasia in adults and dysphasia in children, dysarthria). After complete diagnostics, we qualify each patient for the appropriate method of treatment – conservative, surgical (middle ear surgeries, hearing implant surgeries, rhino or laryngeal surgeries), hearing aids fitting, physiotherapy, hearing, speech or balance rehabilitation.

Speech organ diagnostics:

  • videostroboscopy,
  • videolaryngoscopy,
  • nasopharyngoscopy,
  • nasofibroscopy.
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