Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS in Kraków

10 December 2018 by Rafał Mielczarek
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The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS in Kraków is located in the southern part of the city, at 42/44 Luzicka Street. The Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS in Kraków has good bus and tram connections with the city center. The center is equipped with special devices for use by people with disabilities.

We offer you:

  • two doctor’s offices,
  • a speech therapy office,
  • a psychologist’s office,
  • a hearing aid cabinet,
  • a room dedicated to Tomatis therapy and auditory training,
  • a hearing examination room with a cabin for audiometry,
  • a room for objective tests,
  • a physiotherapy room for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Center equipment:

  • a fully equipped ENT combine with a video-otoscope, video-fiberscope, video-endoscope, video-microscope and a video-stroboscope,
  • two cabins for audiometry, as well as equipment for complex hearing examinations and objective tests,
  • equipment for screening newborns and infants,
  • modern software and equipment for fitting hearing aids,
  • an AMSA inhaler that transforms liquid into the smallest aerosol, which is especially useful in the treatment of dysfunction of the auditory tube, exudative otitis media, and diseases of the paranasal sinuses,
  • a specialized room for the rehabilitation of hearing, voice and speech.
  • Elżbieta Starszak-Trusz
  • Bogusław Barański
  • Klaudia Katolik
  • Irena Tysowska-Warat
  • Dorota Kobylińska
  • Tomasz Bryk
  • Natalia Bełz
  • Daria Choma
  • Dominika Cąber
  • Ireneusz Szott
  • Natalia Mączka
  • Karolina Larendowicz-Chochół
  • Otorhinolaryngology department
  • Phoniatric department
  • Speech therapy department
  • Psychological department
  • Hearing aids, selection of hearing aids
  • Rehabilitation
  • Inhalation

Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS in Kraków

Łużycka 42 lok. 44,
30-658 Kraków

phone: +48 12 340 99 99

Monday: 7.30-19.30
Tuesday: 7.30-19.30
Wednesday: 7.30-19.30
Thursday: 7.30-19.30
Friday: 7.30-18.00


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