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SPPS-S, which is STIMULATION OF THE POLYMODAL SENSORY PERCEPTION by Skarzynski method is an innovative therapy which has its appliance in various groups of disorders that coexist with the auditory processing disorders. The SPPS-S is dedicated to patients with various disorders and difficulties resulting from limitations within auditory processing, such as:

  • delayed speech development;
  • dyslalia;
  • auditory attention disorders;
  • difficulties in reading and writing;
  • stuttering;
  • voice disorders.

The combination of auditory stimulation with psychological training is an innovative element of the method. The integration of psychological therapy with the training of auditory function gives valuable possibilities of effective impact on people struggling with auditory processing disorders.

The SPPS device includes features enabling to conduct therapy in many different areas simultaneously. It engages different sensory organs (hearing, vision, touch), integrates and coordinates them.


Hearing is the main sense stimulated with the help of the SPPS-S. The method is based on the improvement and integration of auditory perception with other senses.


Vision is one of the senses which is additionally stimulated with the help of the SPPS-S. Visual perception enables to recognize reality just as hearing does. The sessions on multimedia iPad panel enable the development of coordination and integration with other senses.


Touch is another sense which is stimulated with the help of the SPPS-S. The use of this sense in exercises emphasizes polysensory impact in this method.

SPPS-S therapy consists of several stages. After performing thorough diagnostics the therapist locates all the obtained data to the SPPS Panel. Then the therapist programs the SPPS set, which is afterwards used by the patient in order to undergo the therapy. The SPPS set includes: headphones for air and bone conduction with a built-in microphone, an SPPS adapter that modifies sounds used in therapy, and an iPad for multimedia and psycho-educational games.

The duration and the content of the therapy

The therapy usually consists of 3 levels, each lasting from 5 to 15 days. Each day there are therapy sessions that last 2-3 hours and consist of three parts: passive listening of specially modified sounds, relaxation, multimedia and psycho-educational games, and working with a microphone.

SPPS-S therapy can be carried out in a therapeutic facility or at the patient’s home. The choice depends on the patient’s ability, individual needs or the economic and organizational aspects. It is convenient for the patient to rent the equipment and use it at home without coming to the center every day.


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